Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Activity - Time Capsule

A new decade approaches, and here is the ideal activity that New Year Eve party goers of all ages can participate in: Create a Time Capsule.

  • Find a container to hold all the contents (shoe box, large leftover Christmas gift box, empty popcorn tin, etc..)

  • Paper or pieces of paper and pens/pencils to write down events that happen during the year that are on a personal level or national level, prices of everyday items (gasoline, gallon of milk, butter...) or what music and movies were popular in 2009.

  • Add some photos of family members and friends or items and memento's from a vacation or event.

  • Find a save and secure place to store your capsule with a 'Do Not Open Until 2020'.

These are just some suggestions of capsule items to get you started. Send us more suggestions or what was it like to make or create your time capsule this New Year's Eve.

Happy New Year to everyone, and we look forward to new and upcoming postings in the new year.


Carole and Angela, Table Ambiance

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