Thursday, March 5, 2009

Put a Little Luck on Your Table

Put a little luck on your table for St. Patrick’s Day – Four Leaf Clover Napkin

Have a hot iron ready for pressing:
• Place a square green napkin on a flat surface fully open. Fold over the top two corner so they meet in the middle.

• Do the same with the bottom two corners so the napkin in a diamond shape

• Take all four points of the diamond and have them meet in the middle to make a square. Carefully flip the square over tow reveal a smooth side of a square.

• Bring all four corners of the square to the middle and make sure the shape facing you is a square. Press with iron.

• With one hand holding the center with the four points, use your other hand to reach behind each corner and partially unfold the fabric underneath so that each corner now has two layers. Carefully pull the point of each corner’s lower layer just until the upper one pops up.

• Fold the lower layer under each corner about 1 inch towards the middle of the napkin. Carefully pull the upper layer’s folds open forwards the four corners while making sure to keep all the center folds in place. Steam or press very gently.

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