Monday, February 16, 2009

Oscar Party Ideas

Set The Stage For A Glamorous Evening

Here are some ideas to add a glamorous ambiance to your Oscar Party. As you know we are all about the table. And for this occasion, we suggest doing a buffet. This allows your guests to nibble throughout the evening. Cover your buffet table with a white or black tablecloth. You can place large gold stars on top of the table or purchase star shaped confetti to sprinkle all around the table. Another fun idea is to purchase movie memorabilia and have them on display on your buffet table. Although paper products are the easiest, it might be easier to have your guest use regular plates. The plates can be salad side, but being that most guests will have them on their laps while eating, it would be easier and steadier to eat from. Plastic utensils and themed paper cocktail napkins would be appropriate however.

This is another opportunity to ‘Fake The Food.’ Costco, Trader Joes and Whole Foods all have wonderful ready-made appetizers and finger foods that require minimal effort. Stay tuned for more food/recipe ideas. To make it even easier for you have each guest bring their favorite finger food to your party.

Because the Oscars signify class, glamour and elegance - requests that your guest come 'dressed up' for the evening. Roll out the red carpet at your entrance to your home (visit a carpet store and ask for any remnants or use a red runner). Snap a picture of each guest as they arrive (the photo can be put into a simple silver or gold frames and made into a party favor for them to take home). Give each guest an
Oscar party pool ballot and have them select their choices of winners. At the end of the awards, tally up the ballots to see who had the most correct and send the winner home with a little parting gift for the highest score. Stay tuned for more Oscar Party Ideas to make the evening memorable.

For a finishing touch, load your CD player with academy award winning sound and have the songs playing in the background to enhance this hollywood ambiance.

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