Monday, February 16, 2009

Oscar Party Food Ideas

"Fake the Food" for the Oscars

As the hostess of this fabulous affair, you should enjoy every minute of it and be able to see the wonders that play out on the red carpet. So...............organize food that takes little to no effort and have it all ready to go before the guests arrive and all you need to do is replenish it when necessary. As mentioned before, a buffet is the best choice. Fill your table with finger foods such as:
Trader Joes: Mushroom Turnovers, Mini Quiches, Mini Tacos, Assorted cheeses and crackers, mixed nuts
Costco: Ready-made pasta dishes (chicken alfredo), lavash rolls, chips and salsa, brownie bits, pizza bites, deli trays, rolls, etc........
The key to pulling off the 'fake the food' is using your own serving-ware. Think outside the box. Go to your local party supply store for plastic popcorn containers and fill those with nuts, pretzels or popcorn. If you are looking for something more galmours rent or purchase large martini glasses and fill those with salsa, chips, nuts, pasta etc.
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