Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Gathering

Talk about the ultimate gathering.... a family reunion. About every other year we gather from my mother's side of the family to catch up with everyone, laugh and cry while remembering the ones that are no longer with us, and chat about the promising future. My cousins hosted this year at their beautiful home in Petaluma. They did such an amazing job! They made all the food which was delicious, provided endless beverages, and took pictures throughout the day to cherish the memorizes made that day. Coming from a large Italian family, most gatherings are all about the food, and this year my mother and another cousin gathered family recipes from the entire family and created our own family reunion cookbook. It is filled with wonderful recipes created from past generation, new concoctions, family favorites, and to top it off old photos from the past. It was truly a memorable occasion.
But the most important thing we all remember is, besides the great food, we just love to gather!

We hope you have the opportunity to gather with your family or friends before the summer runs out.

Happy Entertaining!

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