Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Baby is a Gift

Think pink!
That was the original theme for the baby shower my mom and I planned for my cousin, who is having a girl. My mom did such an amazing job pulling all different elements together to make the tables incredible, but after all the elements were put together, we decided the theme should have been "A baby is a gift". Because we had "packages' all over the place. My mom had such a great idea by using the gifts from us as the centerpiece. Table runners were placed across the table so the table itself looked like a package. We used large pink safety pins as napkin rings. My cousin has a huge sweet tooth, so we filled glass baby bottle with jelly beans and tied a "it's a girl" ribbon around for fun. For this occasion, we definitely used our favorite motto "Fake the Food". We purchased boxed lunches and cupcakes for dessert, so we could spend more time on the fun part, setting the tables!
Share your favorite baby theme with us.

Happy Entertaining!
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