Monday, April 27, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Cinco de Mayo Celebration Table

The fifth of May marched the day of Independence of Mexico from France. But now the holiday is celebrated by all. As usual we are all about the table! So here are some suggestions for creating un fabuloso partido.
Use bright and bold colors on your table using traditional items. For your centerpiece, place an over sized sombrero in the center of your table. On both sides of it fill two vases or pitchers with either fresh flowers such as sunflowers, yellow daisies, or orange roses. Better yet you can buy or make tissue paper flowers. In between the vase and sombrero place a pair of maracas. Go to your local party store to find Mexican celebration banner. Cut out the string part so you are left with individual banners or flags. Each flag will be used for a placemat. Place the ‘flags’ at each place setting. White dinner plates work well, but if you have festive or colorful dessert plates, use them with the dinner plate to add color and contrast. It is only appropriate to have a margarita glass at every place setting to serve the ever popular margarita during your fiesta. For the napkin, you can purchase paper or better yet bright solid cloth napkins place under the dessert plate would add texture and dimension to the place setting. (TIP: Go to your local fabric store and find southwester or Mexican print fabric and cut them into 17” squares to create your napkin). While you are at your local party store pick up a few mini piñatas. Fill each piñata with candy and write each guests name on them. Place the filled piñata in the center of the salad plate. Not only does is it a unique place card, but it doubles as a fun party favor too.
Now you are ready for Cinco de Mayo with style. Buena Suerte!

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