Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Throwing A Super Bowl Party

This year’s Super Bowl takes place on Feb. 1st in Tampa Bay, Florida where the Pittsburg Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals will face off for Super Bowl 43.

A Super Bowl party is the simplest party to organize and do with minimal cost.

Invites: The fastest and simplest way to get the word out about your party is to send it via They offer a wide variety of super bowl invitations. Encourage your guests to wear the colors of the team they want to win (Steelers – black, yellow, white or Cardinals – red and white).

Decoration and Table Setting: Again, keep it simple….. Typically a table setting for a Super Bowl party should be buffet, because your guests will want to graze before, during and after the game, and a full buffet table is the best way to accommodate them. That being said: Create a football field on your table. Purchase a disposable green table cloth and with masking tape, create lines for yardage and end zones, you can also make numbers or purchase numbers (at your local craft store) to mark the yardage on the table cloth.
Purchase paper products for easy clean up. You can keep it neutral with just brown, green and/or white, OR have a combination of the team’s colors.

Food and Beverage: You know by now our favorite thing to do is “Fake the Food, and this party is perfect for doing such a thing. Costco or Trader Joes is the ideal place to purchase the “Fake the Food” from chips/salsa, pizza bites, fried mozzarella sticks, hot wings, chicken tenders, variety of cookies and nuts, a deli platter etc….
However, if you wish to make the food yourself, knock yourself out! You can make a big pot of chili with all the toppings to feed a large group or have a variety of finger foods such as a layered dip with chips, breadsticks with deli meats around them, green salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, cupcakes, brownies shaped as footballs etc…...
The typical choice of beverage for a football game is beer. However, you can also serve nonalcoholic drinks such as soda, sparkling water, or a fun punch.

Games: The football game is the obvious entertainment, but you can offer your guests to participate in a football pool: Click here to see how you can create a football pool.

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Stay tuned for more Super Bowl Party Tips and Food Ideas.

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