Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year's Party Ideas For Kids

Celebrating New Year's with children might seem difficult since it is a celebration at midnight, which should be way past bedtime. However, there are so many unique ideas for games and parties I've found for celebrating this holiday, so try a few out this New Year's with your kids. Just make sure you all get a good nap that afternoon so that everyone lasts until midnight. If you don't want to keep the kids up at midnight, try celebrating New Year's with another part of the world with an earlier time zone. Cook dishes that you might eat in a particular city, play music from there, and you could even decorate with items you might find in that city or country. What's a party without decorations? For your New Year's party, have the kids make some of the d├ęcor. Streamers are simple to make by stapling lengths of crepe paper to an empty cardboard tube. Then you can drape them from the ceiling to different corners of the room. Bright and festive colors will make all the difference. You can even have your own balloon drop at midnight. Get two rectangular paper tablecloths and stitch the tablecloths together with yarn, leaving a foot or so at the end for a rip cord. Tape the cloth to the ceiling on three sides, leaving the side opposite the rip cord open. Tape the cord up separately, so it's accessible. Let the center of the cloth hang down to allow space for the balloons. Inflate at least 75 balloons and stuff the cloth with balloons, then add confetti and streamers on top. Tape up the last side of the cloth. At midnight, pull the ripcord and watch the excitement on their little faces. Another really fun idea to decorate for your New Year's party is to take your Christmas tree and deck it out with noisemakers, horn blowers, candy and streamers. It's already up so you might as well use it for a spectacular decoration for New Year's. The great thing about doing this is by the time the party's over, your tree will be bare and ready to take down.

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