Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Party Food Ideas

This Halloween serve squishy earthworms in mud and vampire punch to your party guests. They'll get a kick out of these creepy but yummy All Hallow's Eve treat.
Let's face it. Regular old party food isn't going to cut it at your Halloween do. You're going to need to amp up the creepy factor while still serving tasty (and recognizable food) Here are some suggestions for that All Hallow's Eve bash!
1. Scary -tini's. Make any martini and sink a plastic eyeball or a gummy worm in the bottom. For a really wild one make an apple-tini in a creepy green and put a plastic finger in it. (wash the eye balls and body parts to get rid of that plastic taste and smell before you start dropping them into people's drinks
2. Devil dogs- Grill hot dogs and then serve with a fiery hot relish. An easy one is to puree five to six jalapeno peppers and one half of an onion. Spread a thin line of this on your grilled dogs. For a sweeter devil dog, start out with five to six tablespoons of barbecue sauce or ketchup, depending on your tastes, add minced jalapeno peppers and onions.
3. Fire starter burgers . For every pound of chopped meat , add one teaspoon cayenne pepper and chopped onion. Grill until done. Another method is get already prepared hamburgers, turkey or veggie burgers ,dredge them in cayenne or chili pepper and then grill or fry.
4. Halloween corn - Pop two bowls of microwave corn or use two bag s of already popped corn. Sprinkle one bowl with cheddar powder (if you can't get this in your local store then you can get it online at - a great online cheese store). Now sprinkle the other with cracked black pepper. Put the two in a bigger bowl with one half cheese and the other black pepper. For a real cool Halloween look put the cheese corn in a black bowl and the peppered corn in an orange bowl.
5. Squishy earthworms in mud. Sautee one to one and a half pounds of ground beef or soy beef in two to three tablespoons of oil over a low heat. Add one chopped onion for flavor. Reduce heat and cover. Prepare two package of brown gravy mix. Stir into meat until thoroughly mixed. Now prepare two boxes of bucatini (about 32 ounces) in a large pot of lightly salted boiling water. When pasta is done pour meat sauce over it and serve hot.
6. Vampire Punch. Mix 2 bottles of Pom pomegranate juice with two two liter bottles of lemon lime soda. You can add strawberries preserves to act as “clots” or add skull or bone shaped ice cubes. (you can find these at
7. Blood shakes. Make the standard vanilla milkshake but instead of two cups of milk uses only one. Add ½ cup Pom pomegranate juice and enough red food coloring to make the shake a dark red. Serve in skull cups.
8. Boneyard Cake. Prepare chocolate or devil's food cake according to package instructions. Pour into two eight inch in diameter pans.. You can use your own recipe for fudge frosting or a prepared one. Once the layers are cooled, you can then ice the bottom one with the frosting. Scatter candy bones over this and then put on the second layer. Using the rest of frosting , ice top and sides. For the headstones you can use square shortbreads or Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies cut in half. Write RIP on these and stick into the cake's top. For added ghoulishness, you can leave a few bones scattered amongst these or even put a toy fence around the cake. This Halloween serve fun and scary food at your party. Your guests will get a thrill out of these eerie but tasty treats! Now have a skull full of vampire punch and join the crowd!


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